Hotel near the solfatara of Pozzuoli

Visit La Solfatara: An ancient active volcano in the Pozzuoli area which has the characteristic of offering visitors the phenomenon of carbon dioxide sources, also known as mofete, and mineral water, with various substances of volcanic origin.

The only activities currently present in the now inactive volcano.

The Solfatara is one of the 40 volcanoes that make up the Campi Flegrei and it is located a few kilometers from the center of the city of Pozzuoli.

A naturalistic oasis that allows visitors to get lost in the green vegetation and to have a close look at the phenomena referred to above: Solfatara is one of the most visited volcanoes by tourists.

A complete itinerary to visit the Solfatara volcano includes the Fangaia, the main fumarole (also called Bocca Grande which means Big Mouth), the mineral water and the present natural saunas , known as the old stoves.

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