Santuario di San Gennaro alla Solfatara

Sanctuary of San Gennaro at Solfatara, history and itineraries

The Sanctuary of San Gennaro alla Solfatara is a historic church located near the Solfatara volcanic crater in Pozzuoli, Italy. It’s dedicated to Saint Januarius, also known as Saint Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • History: The church’s construction began in 1574 and was completed in 1580. Legend says it was built on the spot where Saint Gennaro was martyred in 305 AD.
  • Location: Situated on the territory of Pozzuoli, the sanctuary belongs to the city of Naples. It’s easily accessible and offers a picturesque location with a view of the volcanic area.
  • Significance: The Sanctuary of San Gennaro is a renowned pilgrimage site for Neapolitans and devotees from all over Campania. It’s also considered a landmark due to its architectural style and historical significance.
  • Architectural Style: The church features a simple facade and a deep entrance hall. Its walls are adorned with commemorative plaques.
  • Interior Highlights: One of the most significant pieces inside the sanctuary is a bas-relief depicting the martyrdom of Saint Gennaro, created by Lorenzo Vaccaro in 1685. There’s also a chapel containing a stone with markings believed to be bloodstains from the saint.

Overall, the Sanctuary of San Gennaro alla Solfatara offers a unique blend of history, religion, and natural beauty. It’s a place of pilgrimage, cultural significance, and a captivating sight within the volcanic landscape of Pozzuoli.

Route to Visit the Sanctuary of San Gennaro at Solfatara