Oasi di Monte Nuovo

Montenuovo Nature Oasis itineraries, what to see

A natural park that extends over the crater homonymous of the volcano, the youngest in Europe, emerged in the 16th century when the waters of the sea retreated on the coast of Pozzuoli due to the imminent eruption of the Montenuovo volcano. That eruption radically changed the landscape which became arid, like any volcanic area.

As a result of geological changes that took place in the following years, the area became rich in luxuriant vegetation, to the point that in 1996 it was named a naturalistic oasis with plants of all kinds. An ideal area to make a  tour of the entire circumference of the volcano, a also suitable for all lovers of trekking routes.

A fascinating journey through the history of the Phlegraean fields in the natural park of Montenuovo there is a study center located inside the oasis where it is possible to watch the simulation of the eruption of the volcano. The oasis can be visited free of charge with the possibility of using a guide.

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