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Itineraries of Ischia and Procida, what to see

Ischia and Procida are two suggestive islands located in the Gulf of Naples, they belong to the group of the Phlegraean Islands.

Procida is a small island of the Phlegraean islands group, measuring approximately 4 sq. Km. It is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Naples, between Ischia and Capo Miseno. It is a volcanic island with irregular shape and jagged shrubs. Procida is an island of fishermen

Ischia I is the largest island of the Phlegraean  archipelago and is located near  Procida: an island with many attractive places to visit, starting from the sea with its wonderful beaches and then to the historical places, such as the Torrione di Forio and the Aragonese Castle.

Due to their proximity, Ischia and Procida can also be visited on the same day and included in an itinerary that includes departure from Naples for an excursion to the Phlegraean  islands

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