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Itineraries of Ischia and Procida, what to see

 Ischia and Procida:

Ischia and Procida are two enchanting islands located in the Gulf of Naples, and are part of the Phlegraean Islands archipelago . Procida, the smaller of the two islands, is a mere 4 square kilometers and is known for its fishing villages and rugged coastline . Ischia, the larger island, is home to many beautiful beaches, historical sites, and charming towns .

Here’s a description of each island:

  • Procida: Procida is a tiny island with an irregular shape and a jagged coastline. This volcanic island is known for its traditional fishing villages and laid-back atmosphere. Be sure to explore the Marina Corricella, a colorful harbor village, and soak up the charm of this car-free zone.

  • Ischia: Ischia is the largest island in the Phlegraean Islands and offers a variety of activities for visitors. Relax on the beautiful beaches, explore the Aragonese Castle, a medieval fortress perched on a rocky islet, or hike to the summit of Mount Epomeo, the island’s highest point, for breathtaking views.

Due to their close proximity, Ischia and Procida can easily be visited on the same day trip from Naples. So why not experience the best of both worlds and include a visit to these two captivating islands in your itinerary!

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