Affiliated Restaurants and Pizzerias

Albergo 3 Stelle Pozzuoli

Mini Hotel is a hotel in a prime location in Pozzuoli, surrounded by some of the best restaurants and pizzerias in the area. Choose Mini Hotel for a relaxing and tasteful stay, enjoying the convenience of our comfortable and elegant rooms, equipped with modern amenities such as wireless internet and flat screen TV.

Mini Hotel guests will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of dining options, including Luna Rossa Restaurant, N’copp ‘a terra Restaurant, Boccuccia di Rosa Pizzeria Restaurant, Il Gruccione Farmhouse, Pizzeria Ammaccamm and Pizzeria Diego Vitagliano.

Choose the Mini Hotel for an unforgettable vacation discovering the gastronomic specialties of the Sea Region and the Neapolitan tradition, with a choice of the best restaurants and pizzerias affiliated.

the Luna Rossa Restaurant

Or if you prefer to taste authentic traditional dishes:

The N’copp ‘a terra Restaurant

The Boccuccia di Rosa Pizzeria Restaurant

For moments instead immersed in nature

The Gruccione Farmhouse

If you want to savor a wonderful Neapolitan pizza

Pizzeria Ammaccamm

Pizzeria Diego Vitagliano