Visitare il Porto di Pozzuoli

Reaching the Port of Pozzuoli and its beauties

The port of Pozzuoli is port to visit, during the Roman Empire it became the largest port in the whole Mediterranean. Over the centuries the various bradyseismic phenomena due to volcanic activity have caused a progressive sinking of the land, due to the phenomenon the inhabitants of the port have been forced to leave those areas to move to the surrounding hills.

Today at the port of Pozzuoli it is possible to take a tour that necessarily includes visit to the Caligolano pier, the pier  is called Caligolan since the emperor Caligula built the pier to connect Pozzuoli to Ischia. The port of Pozzuoli also has historical importance as it saw the landing of San Paolo in Italy, there is a plaque that recalls that historical event, one more reason to treat yourself to a short walk to the port of Pozzuoli.

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