Visitare Napoli sotterranea

Visiting underground Naples, itineraries

Visiting Naples Underground: The itinerary refers to that dense network of alleys and cavities that are located underground in the Neapolitan city and that go to form a sort of second city, parallel to the one on the surface, unravels beneath the city’s historic center and is one of the most fascinating itineraries to take when visiting Naples.

An alternative tour of the Campania capital that includes two entrances to the underground: at Piazza San Gaetano, right in the historic center; and at Piazza Trieste e Trento. An evocative itinerary for a place already known to the themes of the Greeks, in 400 BC, who used it to collect rainwater.

And it is no coincidence that over the centuries the tunnels housed the city’s aqueduct, eventually becoming a bomb shelter during World War II.

The path is a place full of charm, within which one can come into close contact with history by immersing oneself in an evocative journey through time.

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